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Ermitage Jewelers

Ermitage Jewelers
1442 Dresden Drive, NE
Suite 255
Atlanta, GA. 30319

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How many carats is your ring?

Carat is defined as weight in grams of your diamond. Usually 1 carat equals to 0.2 grams, although most people think of carat weight as the size of the diamond. The large the carat weight of the diamond the larger the diamond is in size. Please refer to our diamond size chart for an approximate size of your stone. However, if you know the carat weight of your ring you can fill out or quick and easy form for an instant quote and an appointment. For more information click how to sell my diamond?

Diamond Size

Ermitage Jewelers specializes in purchasing diamonds that are 0.70 carats or more. If you do not know the carat weight of your diamond, but you know the size of your stone in millimeters, our easy to follow diamond size chart will help you determine how many carats your diamond is. Our certified and experienced gemologist is well versed in market value of loose diamonds and will be able to make you a handsome offer for your stone.


Various cuts of diamonds can either contribute or detract from the value of your stone. The cut of your diamond is determined by a few factors from popularity of a certain shape this season in fashion to the preservation of carat weight and masking the inclusions. To learn more about various diamonds cuts visit or Diamond Shape page


Clarity refers to imperfections in the stone. Almost all diamonds are going to have their unique "fingerprint" of imperfections, however it is the degree of imperfections that will determine the value of the stone. Most diamonds are cut in such a way that obstructs inclusions making them visible only under 10x magnification. For more information on clarity, please refer to our Clarity For more information call 404-812-3435 or fill out a form with detailed information about engagement ring that you want to sell.

Diamond Color Chart

Diamonds come in a variety of colors, some of them highly prized (pinks, blues, even yellow). However in a white diamond, the presence of a yellow tint will lower the price of a diamond. The less body color in a white diamond, the more true color it will reflect, and thus the greater its value.


While there are differences in color between D, E, and F diamonds, they can be detected only by a gemologist in side by side comparisons, and rarely by the untrained eye. D-F diamonds should only be set in white gold / platinum. Yellow gold reflects color, negating the diamond's colorless effect.


While containing traces of color, G-J diamonds are suitable for a platinum or white gold setting, which would normally betray any hint of color in a diamond. Because I-J diamonds are more common than the higher grades, they tend to be a great value. An I-J diamond may retail for half the price of a D diamond. Within the G-J range, price tends to increase 10-20% between each diamond grade.


Beginning with K diamonds, color (usually a yellow tint) is more easily detected by the naked eye. Set in yellow gold, these warm colored diamonds appeal to some, and are an exceptional value. Others will feel they have too much color. Due to its perceptible color tint, a K diamond is often half the price of a G diamond.


Diamonds in the N-R color range have an easily seen yellow or brown tint, but are much less expensive than higher grades.


For almost all customers, S-Z diamonds have too much color for a white diamond.


Solitary Setting:
A beautiful and traditional way to set a ring. This no nonsense, minimalist setting is designed to make the diamond the star of your hand.

Pave Setting:
This setting adds brilliance to the center piece diamond. Pave refers to multiple smaller diamonds set in the “halo” effect around the center diamond and around the band. There are various types of pave settings ranging from petite pave to double halo petite pave.

Petite Pave Setting:
This delicate setting features a half circle of small diamonds with a larger diamond in the center. This particular setting adds brilliance to the center diamond while making it look larger.

Three Stone Setting:
The three stone setting allows the light to play off of each individual diamond in the setting creating an optical illusion of a larger stone.

Vintage setting style is absolutely unmistakable. Hailing from the roaring and unmistakably romantic eras, most of what we came to consider a “vintage” engagement can date back to as far as the Roaring 20’s. Most popular vintage ring designs feature art nouveau and art deco style patterns and settings, pave halos, and romantically inspired filigree work.

Single Halo Vintage Petite Pave Setting:
Vintage settings are generally significantly more intricate in their design and feature multiple diamonds or inlaid designs in the band. Single halo setting features a ring of smaller diamonds around the center diamond and a semi circle of smaller diamonds around the band. In the recent years this setting has become increasingly popular in the vintage ring design. It is a fabulous and breathtaking setting that enhances the "fire" of the ring.

Single Halo Petite Pave:
Unlike the vintage Single Halo Petite Pave design, this setting is more modern and streamlined making it a perfect fit for a smaller hand.

Romantic Setting (also known as Unique Setting):
Romantic Settings generally feature unique, whimsical designs. Setting an engagement ring in a romantic setting allows the presenter to reflect their creativity in the design making this ring a one of a kind masterpiece. There are various styles of romantic settings that feature various cuts of diamonds and can come with one, two or three halos.

Twist setting usually features a wave-like band that envelops the stone. Twist settings fall under the Romantic Setting category and add a touch of flirty inspiration for a more casual look.

Engagement and Wedding Band Sets:
More often than not when a couple is searching for an engagement ring, they are trying to make their dollar go as far as possible with the minimal amount of effort. Which is why most jewelers offer Bridal Sets consisting of an engagement ring and a wedding band. Consider selling your diamond engagement ring as a set in order to get a better value for your previously loved jewelry.

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